The Nokia 808 PureView – example pictures and comparison

Mai 27, 2012 in Smartphones

This butterfly visited me while photographing

This butterfly visited me while photographing

You are all so eagerly waiting for the release of the Nokia 808 PureView – and I can understand why. Its image quality is astounding, not to say impressive and that all is packed into a pocketable smartphone body. All you Facebook snapshoters, all you twitpic addicts this camera is more, than you will ever need.

I have taken three pictures for you so you can compare the image quality between these. For best comparisons download them all and zoom to your hearts contend:

  • Nokia 808 PureView
  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia Lumia 800

File size approx. 9 MB, password is „ideepalast“.

Oh and here is the official press conference:

Stay tuned, there is more to come!